Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

The "G" Litter Kids

Sureshot Moonsetter Go the Distance x Ch. Moonsetter Certifiably Sureshot DOM

July 11, 2007

The G Litter's first meal

Moonsetter Sureshot Grand Scheme

Daegan lives in St. George, Maine with the Pearsons

Christmas 2009
Daegan and his Dad

Ch. Moonsetter Grand Savoy

Darcy lived with Denise in Illinois. 


Moonsetter Sureshot Gravity CGC

Lil'E lives in Chesterfield, Virginia with her human mom Judy

Moonsetter Good to Go Sureshot

Denham lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta with Bev

Denham all grown up

Moonsetter Sureshot Gypsy

Belle lives in Amery, Wisconsin with the Gorres Family and their other Moonsetter Gordon, Thor.

Pretty Belle

Moonsetter Sureshot Flying G

Beau lives in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan with Kathleen Gazey.

Beau lounging

Moonsetter Sureshot Glitter

Jesse lives in Hollywood, California with the Garland Family

Pretty Jesse

Moonsetter Sureshot Go West

Connal lives in Kansas City, Missouri with Kat Achor.

Connal go fetch!

Moonsetter Sureshot Gentle Blaece

Blaece went to live in Vienna, Virginia with the Beraud Family.


Moonsetter Sureshot Globetrotter

Meadhbh lives in Elizabethtown, Kentucky with the Parks

Hairy Meadhbh

Moonsetter Sureshot Grand Rio

Rio lives in Soldotna, Alaska with the Kent-Sullivans

No current photo is available of Rio

Moonsetter Sureshot G-Force

Rea lives in Mahtomedi, Minnesota with the Cedarleafs

No current photo is available of Rea