Gordon Setters (Reg'd)

The "I" Litter Kids

Moonsetter Dolan Sureshot x Moonsetter Field of Her Own

December 31, 2008

The I Litter

Moonsetter Image is Everything

Jenna is co-owned with the Searfoss Family of White Haven, Pennsylvania, and can also be found on her own page

Moonsetter Iain Fergus of Rankin O'Doole

Frodo lives in Irving, Texas with the Staley-Cox's. He is their second Moonsetter Gordon Setter.

The late Gandalf (B litter) and Baby Frodo

Moonsetter Indeed a Dreamcatcher

Miley is co-owned with Diane Chouinard of Maple Grove, Minnesota

Miley on the move

Moonsetter Ian Caden Evan

Caden lives in Bloomington, Minnesota with the Maines and his papa Rake

Caden and his Dad
Caden one year old

Moonsetter Isn't She Royal

Rori lives in St. Joseph, Michigan with the Calkins and another Moonsetter Gordon named Annie

Rori and Steve (and Annie)

Moonsetter In the Field

Braun is owned by Keith in Glencoe, Minnesota


Moonsetter Irresistable Jump on the New Year

Kierra lives in Amawalk, New York with the DiMiceli Family

Kierra and her family

Moonsetter Isle Royale

Daisy lives in Bloomington, Minnesota with the Olsons

No current photo of Daisy is available